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The following Rules and Regulations are an extension of the License Agreement and are designed to give the Licensee a clear and descriptive outline of the responsibilities and operation guidelines of the Lancaster County Convention Center. Please forward the information to your exhibitors and contractors. These rules and regulations are subject to change and any change shall be deemed effective upon posting to our internet website: www.lancasterconventioncenter.com.

I. DEFINITIONS The following defined terms apply to these Rules and Regulations. Any term not defined herein shall have the meaning set forth in the License Agreement between LCCC and Licensee.

A. “LCCC” shall mean the owner of the Lancaster County Convention Center.

B. “Agreement” or “License Agreement” shall mean the Use License Agreement entered into between Interstate Hotels Company, as agent for LCCC, d/b/a the Lancaster County Convention Center and the Licensee.

C. “Licensee” shall mean the party who has been granted a license to use the Facilities under the License Agreement. Reference to Licensee shall include the employees, contractors, agents, representatives and attendees of Licensee.

D. “Facility” shall mean the Lancaster County Convention Center, located at Penn Square Center, North Queen Street, Lancaster, PA 17603.

E. “Event” shall mean the event described in Exhibit A to the License Agreement, subject to these Rules and Regulations.

F. “Hazardous Material” shall mean, without limitation, those substances included within the definitions of “hazardous substances”, “hazardous materials”, “toxic substances”, or “solid waste” in any applicable state or federal environmental law.

II. LICENSES OR PERMITS If any governmental license or permit is required for the proper and lawful conduct of Licensee's business or other activity to be carried on, in or at the Authorized Areas or if failure to obtain such a license or permit might in any way affect the operations of the Facilities, then Licensee, at its own expense, shall obtain such license or permit, and submit the same to LCCC prior to the Event. Licensee, at its sole cost and expense, shall at all times comply with the requirements of each such license or permit. A Pennsylvania business license is required for any Licensee doing business at the Center.

III. EXCLUSIVE SERVICES LCCC reserves the right to exclusively provide or contract for the following services at the Facility:

A. Audio Visual. LCCC's in-house audio visual contractor is the exclusive provider of all audio visual services.

B. Food and Beverage. LCCC reserves the right to sell, at its discretion, food and beverage, including alcohol, in any unused space within the facility regardless of whether any such sale is in competition with food and beverage sold or provided at Licensee’s Event. LCCC may designate itself or one or more contractors as the exclusive provider of food and beverage at the Facility. Licensee shall execute any and all agreements or forms with LCCC or its designated supplier, at Licensee’s option, for the provision of any such requested food and beverage services.

C. Liquor. Liquor may not be served by Licensee or any of its contractors or exhibitors without a proper license and only in compliance with the local and state regulations. Licensee shall not cause or permit beer, wine, or liquors of any kind to be sold, given away, or used in or around the Facility except upon prior written permission of LCCC and the exclusive food & beverage sub-contractor.

D. Merchandise. LCCC reserves the right to sell all merchandise within the Facility. To the extent that LCCC agrees to permit Licensee to sell merchandise within the Facility, all sales shall be subject to a commission or fee as set forth in the Agreement and shall be sold pursuant to LCCC’s rules and instructions. LCCC reserve the right to prohibit the sale of any items that it deems, in its sole discretion, to be insensitive, illegal or offensive.

E. Security. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by LCCC, Licensee must order security services as required by the License Agreement from LCCC or its designated contractor.

F. Telephone, Cable and Internet Access. LCCC provides exclusive telephone, cable and internet services. Licensee must order telephone, cable and internet access through LCCC’s standard ordering process and pay standard fees. Neither Licensee nor any of its attendees, contractors, exhibitors or employees may resell any telephone, cable or internet access services.

G. Utility Connections. LCCC maintains the exclusive right for the installation of electricity, plumbing or other utility services. All such connections and related work required for Licensee’s Event will be [performed by LCCC or its contractors and shall be] at the expense of the Licensee and/or the Licensees exhibitors. Neither Licensee nor any of its attendees, contractors, exhibitors or employees may resell any utility services.


A. Announcements. LCCC reserves the right to make such announcements within the Facility as LCCC deems necessary at any time in the interest of public safety.

B. Compliance with Laws. Licensee shall comply with all Federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations in accordance with the terms of the Agreement including, but not limited to the Occupational Safety Health Act (O.S.H.A.), the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Civil Rights Act

C. Deliveries. LCCC shall not be obligated to accept delivery of Licensee's property addressed to Licensee at the Facility, unless Licensee has notified LCCC in advance and LCCC has agreed to accept such deliveries in writing. Licensee shall coordinate with its vendors to assure delivery of any item in accordance with LCCC instructions. LCCC does not have a shipping department and therefore any shipments received by LCCC in violation of this rule may be returned to sender at sender’s cost. LCCC shall not be liable for damage to such property and Licensee shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless LCCC for and against any loss of or damage to such property and to any damage caused by such property to other persons or property.

D. First Aid/Medical Services. All events with exhibits or events that expect over ___ attendees are required to have a licensed paramedic on duty with advanced life support equipment for all move-in/out and event hours, at the Licensee’s expense. Additional paramedics may be required for larger events.

E. Lost Articles. LCCC has the sole right to collect and maintain custody of all articles left in the Facility by persons attending Licensee’s Event, and the Licensee or any person in Licensee's employ shall neither collect nor interfere with the collection or custody of such articles.

F. Reassignment of Space. LCCC reserves the right to re-assign space within the Facility. Any reassignment will be in LCCC’s sole discretion and based upon the requirements of Licensee’s Event and any other event scheduled in the Facility.

G. Tours. LCCC reserves the right to conduct public tours of the Facility, including during Licensee’s Event. LCCC will conduct such tours in a manner that will not interfere with Licensee's Event.


A. Accessibility of Passageways. Licensee agrees that: (1) that no portion of any passageway or exit will be blocked or obstructed in any manner during the Event, (2) no exit door or any exit will be locked, blocked, or bolted during the Event, and (3) all designated exits shall be operational and visible to all patrons of the Facility during the Event.

B. Admission Fees and Collections. If the Licensee Fee includes a percentage of revenue generated from Licensee’s Event, then no collections, whether for charity or otherwise, shall be made, attempted, or announced at the Facility, without first having received the prior written consent and approval of LCCC. If donations or collections are granted by LCCC in lieu of an admission ticket, then all such monies received from such collections or donations will be considered as ticket revenues for the purpose of determining the License Fee due to LCCC.

C. Animals. Animals may be displayed in conjunction with an exhibit if (1) Licensee provides evidence of sufficient insurance coverage to LCCC and (2) Licensee ensures compliance with all laws, rules and regulations regarding the display and possession of such animals. Licensee is responsible for the actions of any such animals and the cleanup and disposal of waste. Animals are not permitted to remain in the Facility overnight. Animals must be accompanied by a trainer/owner at all times. All current tags/immunizations are required before any animal is permitted to enter the Facility.

D. Attendance Capacity. In no event shall attendance be permitted in excess of the established capacity of the Authorized Areas. Licensee shall not admit a larger number of persons than can safely and freely move about in the Authorized Areas; any decision regarding capacity made by either LCCC and/or the Lancaster Fire Department shall be final

E. Balloons, Glitter & Other Decorations. The use of helium balloons, glitter, and/or confetti is not permitted without the prior, written approval of LCCC. Costs associated with the clean-up are the responsibility of the Licensee.

F. Cleaning. Licensee shall keep the Authorized Areas in good repair , as well as a safe, sanitary and attractive condition during the duration of the Event and the length of any term described in the License Agreement. Licensee agrees to return the Authorized Areas to LCCC in as a good condition and repair as the Authorized Areas and the Facility was before Licensee’s Event, ordinary wear and tear accepted. Licensee will retain responsibility for booth and aisle carpet cleaning services. The premises are turned over to the Licensee under a “clean hall to clean hall” policy. Licensee will be responsible for the cleaning of all areas utilized during the Event, including, but not limited to, areas utilized for purposes of offices or registration, loading dock(s), any exhibit hall floor space that is utilized, trash left in aisles or placed in receptacles located on the show floor, etc. If Licensee fails to return the premises in a “clean hall” manner, including the removal of tape, LCCC will perform the necessary services and Licensee will reimburse LCC for costs incurred to provide such services. LCCC will maintain and clean all meeting rooms, rest rooms, lobby space and concession areas at no additional cost to Licensee.

G. Common Areas. LCCC reserves the right to control all lobby or common areas. LCCC will permit Licensee to use those areas of the lobby, as it deems appropriate.

H. Crate Storage. All crates and related materials shall, at Licensee's expense, be removed from the Authorized Areas before the opening day of Licensee's Event.

I. Designated Entrances. All entrances and exits are subject to LCCC’s control. Licensee agrees that all persons, articles, exhibits, fixtures, and displays entering or exiting the facility will use only the approved and designated points of entry.

J. Decorating and Affixations to the Facility. Licensee will not permit anyone to affix any material to the walls, floors, doors or ceilings, including, but not limited to the driving of any nails, hooks, tacks or screws into any portion of the Facility, without the prior written consent of LCCC. If, with or without LCCC's approval, Licensee damages the Facilities it will pay LCCC the full cost of any repair or replacement.

K. Evacuation of Facility. If LCCC decides to evacuate the Facility for any reason relating to public safety, the Facility will be reopened to Licensee in the sole judgment of LCCC, after the public safety issue has been properly cleared by the appropriate agency or group. Licensee may continue to use the premises for sufficient time to complete presentation of Licensee’s Event without additional fees provided such additional time does not interfere with another group’s use of the Facility. If it is not possible for Licensee to complete the Event, all Licensee Fees owed will be prorated or adjusted at the discretion of LCCC. Licensee hereby waives any claim for damages or compensation from LCCC associated with any evacuation of the Facility

L. Failure to Vacate/Removal of Property. Upon the expiration or sooner termination of the License Agreement, Licensee shall immediately remove all goods, wares, merchandise, property and debris owned by Licensee or which Licensee has placed or permitted to be placed on or at the Facility. Any such property not so removed shall be considered abandoned and, at LCCC's option, be removed and stored by LCCC at Licensee's expense or disposed of in any manner LCCC deems expedient. Licensee hereby waives all claims for damage resulting from such removal, storage and disposal of such property and indemnifies LCCC from any and all damages or costs including reasonable attorney's fees resulting from such storage and/or disposal.

M. Food Preparation/Cooking. Neither Licensee nor its attendees, contractors or exhibitors may cook or prepare food at the Facility without: (1) the prior written permission of LCCC and (2) the proper permits. All approved food preparation must be completed in accordance with the instructions and guidelines provided by LCCC.

N. Opening Hours. Licensee shall open doors for the Event in accordance with advertised times.

O. Property of LCCC. Licensee may not use or operate any equipment, furnishings or other property belonging to LCCC, its manager or the City of Lancaster without the prior written approval of LCCC. Licensee may not transport any property of LCCC to any place outside the Authorized Areas of the Facility.

P. Public Safety. Licensee agrees not to generate or bring onto the premises any Hazardous Material or any other material, substance, equipment or object which is likely to endanger the life of, or to cause bodily injury to, any person on the premises or which is likely to constitute a hazard to property thereon without the prior approval of LCCC. LCCC shall have the right to: (1) refuse to allow any such material, substance, equipment or object to be brought onto the premises and (2) require the removal of any material, substance, equipment or object found thereon. No flammable materials, such as bunting, tissue paper, crepe papers, etc., will be permitted to be used for decorations. All materials used for decorative purposes must be treated with flame-proofing and be in accordance with the LCCC's Fire and Safety Rules. No pyrotechnics may be used within the Facility or the premises without the prior written permission of LCCC.

Q. Scalping. Licensee, its officers, directors, employees, agents, members, or other representatives shall not “scalp” tickets for the Event. Licensee and its representatives shall provide assistance to LCCC in its efforts to control and prevent such ticket “scalping”

R. Show Badges. Licensee shall ensure that employees or associated people entering the Facility before or after the Event have a badge with the company name and employee name (picture ID preferred) that are highly visible, and that include an expiration date. Persons without proper identification will be directed to the designated area to obtain a badge or escorted off the Facility premises.

S. Smoking. Smoking is prohibited within the Facility and Licensee will be held responsible for notifying its employees, exhibitors and invitees.

T. Solicitations. No collections or donations, whether for charity or otherwise, shall be made, attempted or announced on the premises without prior written approval of LCCC.


A. Advertising Materials by Licensee. All advertising of Licensee's Event shall be accurate and true in all respects. All advertising for events that include an admission charge must state the total admission charge. Licensee may not advertise any event unless and until the License Agreement is fully executed by all parties. Licensee may not state or imply that LCCC endorses or sponsors the event. Licensee shall not broadcast by television or radio any event scheduled to be presented in the Facility under the terms of the License Agreement without the prior written approval of LCCC. If approval is granted by LCCC, then all monies received from such broadcast will be considered as broadcast revenues for the purpose of determining the Broadcast Fee due to LCCC.

B. Advertising on LCCC premises. All advertising space in the Facility is the exclusive property of LCCC. Advertising of events by Licensee in the Facility’s publications, reader boards or other advertising media shall be provided as availability permits, with no guarantee that such advertising space will be available. The content of all advertising by Licensee is subject to approval by LCCC in writing. All in-house publications and advertising in such publications are the exclusive property of LCCC. LCCC reserves the right to distribute its in-house publications to attendees within the Facility. Licensee shall not advertise, paint, post, or exhibit, or allow to be advertised, painted, posted, or exhibited, signs, advertisements, show bills, lithographs, posters, or cards of any description inside or outside or on any part of the Facility, without the written permission of LCCC.

C. Banners, Flags and Flagpoles. The use of banners on the exterior of the Facility is at the discretion of LCCC.

D. Copyrights and Proprietary Material. Licensee shall: (1) obtain all necessary licenses and (2) pay all costs and fees arising from the use of copyrighted music or dramatic materials, or any other property subject to any trademark, patent or other proprietary right, which is used or incorporated in the Event. Licensee agrees to provide to LCCC evidence of reports and payments to the third party owners of such materials in advance of the Event. Provision of such evidence is a material condition of the License Agreement. Licensee shall indemnify, defend and hold LCCC and all other indemnities designated in the License Agreement harmless from any liability, claims or costs, including attorney's fees, arising from the use of any such materials or any claims of infringement or violation of the rights of the owner.

E. Signs and Posters. The use, distribution and location of all signs, cards and posters are subject to LCCC's review and control.

F. Use of LCCC logo and name. Licensee is permitted to use the Facility’s logo in all permitted and approved advertising controlled by or done on behalf of Licensee relating to the Event, including, but not limited to, television, internet, newspaper, magazine, and outdoor advertising. Licensee’s right to use the Facility logo shall be limited to the specific, express purpose set forth in the foregoing sentence and/or as otherwise authorized by LCCC in writing prior to the use thereof. In connection with Licensee’s use of the Facility logo, Licensee shall use only the form of the Facility logo as provided by LCCC to Licensee.

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